Atlanta Counseling for Couples


Being in a relationship can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, however, many times it can be the source of significant hurt.


Are you angry at your partner?

Have you been betrayed and rejected?

Do you both hold years of resentment toward each other?


If this describes you, I can help. You don’t have to continue feeling and living this way. I can help you identify and address the specific core issues, not just the general “communication” problem. We will look at how you both need to understand the other person’s grievances. I create an atmosphere for you both to be heard and for reconciliation to happen. My job is to be impartial, so there may be sessions where the focus seems like it is mainly on you and others where it is mainly on your partner.


Additionally, you don’t have to be on the verge of divorce to benefit from couples counseling. Premarital counseling can prepare couples before you say, “I do” by looking into foundational issues that may evolve later. This process doesn’t have to be intimidating. We will look at the strengths of your relationship as well as challenges.


Couples Therapy Helps Couples Work Through:

  • Financial Issues – Out-of-control debt, overspending or secret spending, conflicting financial planning, and spender/saver dynamics
  • Infidelity – Singular or multiple affairs, emotional affairs, sexting, involvement with hook-up sites, and deceitful relationships all lead to feelings of betrayal, rejection, and constant anxiety.
  • Separation and Divorce – Trial separation, in-home separation, the divorce process, and post-divorce co-parenting.
  • Codependence – Unhealthy relationships, sacrificing your needs for that of another without receiving in return, and depending on another to know what your needs are without communicating them.
  • In-Law Issues – Caregiving for elderly in-laws, intrusive and controlling parents, and estrangement.


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