The Best a Man Can Get?

What’s With the New Gillette Ad? By now most of us have seen the new Gillette ad put out over the last week. Apparently, people feel strongly about it. Many people applaud with an, “Its about time,” while others are wildly upset and feel that it depicts men as evil villains. But what is in […]

Ready to Change Direction?

It’s that moment when you realize you’ve had enough. You are done! You are ready to make a change. Change begins with a vision of how you want things to be: a new job, better physical or emotional health, more money in savings, better relationships, or taking a hold of life and finally doing the […]


There’s something about gratitude that can be both easy and hard. For example, saying “thank you” is sort of ingrained in many people from childhood. Most people would say it is a good habit and usually comes out automatically. We hear “thank you” when gifts are given, compliments are shared, and when we are presented […]